May 20 2009 Meeting Highlights


In addition to fulfilling its mission, the Eastern Shore Defense Alliance (ESDA) has become the de-facto networking resource for high-technology firms and interested citizens in the Wallops area. The growth of ESDA has made general membership meetings crowded with people and agendas crowded with topics. In May 2010, ESDA has 20 Corporate Sponsors and 35 individual members. The tempo of business for the diverse membership of ESDA does not easily allow for monthly meetings; in addition scheduling the quarterly meeting is a daunting task. The Alliance needs decisions to be made in a timelier manner than the existing quarterly meeting schedule permits.

Upon approval by membership vote, an Executive Committee will be created from the
membership of ESDA. The Executive Committee is empowered to make decisions in between regular membership meetings. Any decisions made by the Executive Committee will be reported to the membership. If the item is deemed significant or time-sensitive, email or other rapid notice method would be used. For routine matters, the report will be rendered at the next membership meeting.

The Executive Committee will be composed of representatives of the following organizations:

ORGANIZATION Current Representative
Chairman of ESDA Steve Habeger
Secretary/Treasurer of ESDA Bryan Bailey
Accomack County representative Steve Miner
Worcester County Representative Jerry Redden
Manager, lockheed-Martin Corporation Barry Mullis
Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation Brian Julian
Individual Member Jack Bonniwell

Additional meeting items